Online shopping with a stylist

Shopping sometimes may be very difficult and frustrating task. That´s why I´m here to change it into a fun experience! I will chose the best products specially for you from selected boutiques or online stores!

What the Online shoppipng with a stylist consultation will give you?

140 / $150 / 51 000 HUF
  • 1h 30 min consultation
  • colour analysis to define you personal colour palette that suits your skin tone
  • analysis of your personal style, your body and face type
  • making a list of the essential clothes and accessories for your wardrobe
  • selection of shops and brands that suit your budget
  • professional feedback about what you are trying out
  • get personalised virtual wardrobe in pdf format with ready-made visions - 4 fully styled outfits with 16 products that you can match in between
  • SAVE time, money and stress in wondering
  • receive useful knowledge about your appearance
  • NOTE: you will receive your DIGITAL BROCHURE that includes: personal colour palette, proportions, personal style determination, best cuts, designs, patterns, accessories for your body and virtual wardrobe with 4 fully styled outfits up to 5 days after the consultation

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I give you 100% guarantee that I will fix that or simply return your money back!