Online business styling consultation

Do you know you can attract more clients and success with the help of the colours that you wear and with the feelings you transmit true your clothes?

What the Online business styling consultation will give you?

120 / $130 / 44 000 HUF
  • 120 min online video call with style analysation of 5 full outfits of yours (1 for every day of the week)
  • color and clothing psychology - what kind of clients do you want to attract?
  • 10 unique advises for your visual appearance
  • 10 photos of clothes and accessories perfect for your personal style and type of body
  • new ways to combine your clothes that you already have
  • proportions that will make you look stunning and super confident
  • Bonus 1: a pdf brochure where you will find 8 already made essential combinations for work outfits that will help you style yourself quicker
  • Bonus 2: 4 different makeup style ideas
  • NOTE: have in mind that you will receive the pdf brochure on your email no more than 10 days after the consultation


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I give you 100% guarantee that I will fix that or simply return your money back!