Weddings & Special events online styling

Looking forward to look spectacular on your upcoming important occasion?

What Weddings & Special events online styling will give you?

120 / $130 / 44 000 HUF
  • preparation - 1h via Skype getting to know each other and your event; defining body type and best colors, discovering your favourite fashion brands and your budget
  • pre-shop for you from local online botiques, brands and designer
  • previously I create for you 3 different outfits with 12 available products
  • you buy your outfit that you like the most, knowing for sure that you will look amazing in it without any doubts because you have received an honest advice from a professionalist!
  • no stress, no worries, no wasting on unnecessary time & money!
  • 10% OFF from the total amount in case of a full family styling consultation for a special event
  • TIP: This consultation is great and very original idea for a GIFT! (Ex. Birthday, Christmas, etc.)
  • Note: the pre-shop that I need to do in order to create 3 outfits for you takes 1 working day.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I give you 100% guarantee that I will fix that or simply return your money back!