Color analysis

Colour analysis is a system that helps us find the most suitable colours for clothing, accessories and makeup according to the shade of our skin. Colour analysis examines which colour highlights our beauty, charm and unique radiance, while making us more attractive and noticeable. consultation only ones in your life because your skin tone will never change!

What the color analysis will give you?

90 / $100 / 33 000 HUF
  • you need to do it only ONES in your life because your skin tone will never change even if you get tanned!
  • BOOST your confidence, SAVE money and time when shopping
  • 1 hour consultation during which on a daily light without any makeup in front of a mirror I will put around your neck professional colour drapes that will clearly show you which is your season
  • test for your skintone and contrast
  • catch the difference between warm and cold tones
  • combine patterns and shades quick and easy
  • learn which accessories and makeup look best on you
  • BONUS 1 - up to 10 days after completion of the consultation, the client will receive a pdf file with a DIGITAL BROCHURE that includes: detailed information about your profile, colour palette, make up tips and patterns that suit best your skin tone
  • BONUS 2 - 5 FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS via WhatsApp, Viber or Messanger to help you chose the right shades of colours when you go shopping or when you chose your everyday outfits
  • Please, have in mind that you have to start using the 5 FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS on the next day after receiving your PDF brochure. Why? Because for me it is very important my clients to memorise all this information. This will help you spend every day less time in making choices about your everyday looks and you will have time for more important things.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I give you 100% guarantee that I will fix that or simply return your money back!