Wardrobe detox

When the wardrobe is overloaded with clothes, and you still feel that you have nothing to wear, it is time to optimise the space. Remember, clothes are designed to bring you happiness in your everyday life.

What the Wardrobe detox will give you?

270 / $315 / 99 000 HUF
  • 6h with little breaks in between
  • a visit to your home and a previous call conversation
  • analyzation of your current style and defining your body type
  • personal color analysis
  • review of clothing and accessories for current season
  • trying some of the clothes and commenting them
  • best clothes, combinations and cuts for your body type
  • creating new ideas for outfits with your clothes according to your daily routine
  • deciding which clothes and accessories to keep and which not to
  • preparation of a detailed list of necessary clothing and accessories
  • BONUS 1 - up to 10 days after the consultation you will receive on your email a digital pdf brochure with a summary of our meeting
  • BONUS 2 - 2 weeks of ongoing support
  • price per hour: 45 EUR/ 16 000 HUF/ 50$

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I give you 100% guarantee that I will fix that or simply return your money back!